Sunrise Bejing style HDR

This is a true HDR clip,540 images bracketing exposed +/-1 for a total of 540.Manually stacked 3by 3 to have a total of 180 HDR images (long post-production).Here I used a kind of Bejing-doom -post bomb look.There are some artifacts but it is just an experiment on a normal sunrise sequence.Close to the end on the upper right corner you can see a balloon,you see 3 but it is the HDR stack,the balloon was just one.Enjoy


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Bejing style HDR

  1. Interesting, thanks for posting – I’ve done some HDR time lapse, but for really low-light situations, I run into problems with movement between the +,0,- bracket, especially when I’m dragging the shutter. Was this Photomatix workflow?


    1. Thanks.This was done with Canon 1ds MKII in bracketing mode +/-1.After I stacked 3 by 3 frames with Luminance HDR,a good free software.With the 180 HDR pictures I got I made the clip with Lightroom using some presets actions I found on internet.One calle Bejing 1 with some different settings I made.Can you be more precise on what are the problems you had?This is my first try with HDR for a clip,usually I make landscapes pictures with HDR,normally I take more than 3 pics,it depends,but usually between 4 and 6.Feel free to contact me again and thank you!


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