This is a short story…

Years ago I was travelling a lot for fashion foto-shootings.It happened that I was shooting in White Sands,New Mexico.Amazing place.  One day was april more or less,start to snow in the morning (snow in the desert,amazing) so we had to quit the shooting and go back to the hotel.Very lazy day.I was on internet and I realized that was just 30 minutes by car from the hotel.We drived there,we booked an appointment with the howners that showed us all the systems,domes,computers and whatever,Was a breathtaking experience.I went back to Europe I contacted Mr.Arnie Rosner at that time driving Global Rent a Scope and I bought the wonderful T5 system.Right now everything is ruled by an amazing guy Brad Moore from Australia. is the most amazing  system in the world.You can do imaging,comet hunting,variables researche,whatever you need,you can use top of the art telescopes in different locations…anyway TRY IT!



and this is my wonderful iT5 system located in New mexico



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