2 thoughts on “Not chemtrails of course :)

  1. I have always disliked and avoided contrails in my landscape photos however this image provides another point of view! This is an example of making something wonderful from what you have been given… lemons to lemonade!


  2. Yes,me to of course but sometimes they are kind of interesting,without is much better but in this case for me it works.Anyway they sometimes ruin the landscape pic,or create other problems.I am a deep amateur astronomer specialized in cataclysmic variable stars light measurements,tiny changes,sometimes really tiny changes day by day sometimes minute by minute.With a perfectly clear sky,no moon,no light pollution,you have an airplane flying over you,you think it’s over when the littles red lights disapear,not true,trails are always there,day and night and they can change the result of my job.Anyay…we need airplanes ­čÖé


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