Hi followers,I just wanna to apologize because I am not uploading new material.Right now I am in Hamburg where it’s raining since weeks,as soon the weather goes better I will produce new clouds material.With my remote telescope in New Mexico I am doing only variable stars research so…probably you are not interested in it (just numbers) and the Spanish scopes are not remote scopes so I should be there  🙂  I really hope for the next week to have something,When the weather turns good here we have fantastic skies and clouds.

In the meantime if you wanna have fun take a tour to the glorious   www.dackelsociety.com

see you soon

Stefano Padovan

First attempt pin hole time lapse without lens

So,here is my first attempt just for fun,a Canon 1DS MKII just it’s cup with a pin hole and a remote control that for 30 mins took a pic every 10 secs.Iso at 1600,time at 1/40 that’s it.Focus of course is not perfect but I am working on it.In the meantime I wanna try it for my dackelsociety.com and see what happens.Setting is simple,just take of the lens,make with a pin a small hole with a heated pin in the center of the cap,no more thatn 0,1 mm and try.Infinite is difficult,kinf of closeups fine.
Movie is here,Lightroom as usual.

Movie is here,Lightroom as usual. and it is here



Clouds Hypnosis

Do you remember when you were young,laying on the grass looking up at the sky in a lazy spring day?This is the sensation.Clouds goin’ in and out in various layers,painting dreams people and strange figures and you can stay there for hours dreaming and thinking almost about everything.This is what my camera got the other day just in few hours.Simple but hypnotic.There are 2 TVs sets for poor people they said in the past:fireplace and sky.This is one of the two.Enjoy.Canon1DSMKII,Sequence,Lightroom4,Final cut.



Fog…magik fog

A short time lapse showing how fog comes and go in a magic dance.I was not sure to put the camera out,sometimes fog looks just like…fog,but with time lapse it is possible to catch something special that we cannot see normally.Interrupted by…dead battery.Canon G9,Lightroom,Sequence,Final Cut.Sum of 557 images.Enjoy


Fog Magik Fog

Church and fog

A short time lapse from this morning with Canon G9 setted at maximum magnification.About 400 images each every 20s.It is amazing how here in Spain,like other European country,there is a church every small village and a lot of them are really nice to visit.Black spots moving is not dust but birds of course.Lightroom,Sequence,Final Cut.Enjoy


Church and fog

Golden fog and Zeppelin

Another time lapse excersise.Yes,I know,same landscape but…it is just out of the door 🙂

A really warm morning here in Catalunya with fog with an incredible golden color.In the frame here that black spot on the upper left is not dust neither a Zeppelin,it is just a bird with closed wings catched by the camera.Other small birds will fly around.Canon G9,451 frames,Lightroom,Final Cut.Enjoy


Sun fog and Zeppelin

House,stars & light pollution

Another night sky time lapse from Catalunya.Oriented to north so we have circumpolar constellations,Polaris is more or less upper left,light pollution from towns far away,tiny clouds coming (not very lucky) and fully illuminated house,just for the clip!.
Canon 1dsMKII,Canon 16mm,20s at 640iso,20s interval,95 shots,Adobe Lightroom,and Final Cut.Enjoy



Fast sun & fast clouds

A time lapse sunrise done with a Canon G9 with the zoom at maximum power.This shows that to do time lapse you do not need very special cameras but also a normal digital camera or a mobile can work.Contrast and saturation pumped up of course but the sky was anyway blue and clear.Strong wind from the north and a big ship from right to left on the sea.Enjoy