Moon eclipse April 2014

A funny thing,I had no chance to observe the total moon eclipse of april 15th because I am in Europe and it was not visible from here.There are thousands of beautiful images on the web of the eclipse from around the world.I was taking some Cataclysmic Variables pictures during the eclipse yesterday and I realized that the weather all sky cam at in New Mexico where I have a telescope hosted was imaging the eclipse.Nothing special but you can see how low moon light is going during the maximum.Have fun


this is a normal full Moon from today


this is the Moon during maximum


Moon Night and…Visitors?

A time lapse short clip during almost full Moon with fast clouds coming from the sea,Catalunya.I had to stop for rain starting.Incredible what time lapse can show that human eye doesn’t .Behind clouds few stars.

Canon 1ds MKII Canon 16mm lensa,381 frames with Lightroom.