Church and fog

A short time lapse from this morning with Canon G9 setted at maximum magnification.About 400 images each every 20s.It is amazing how here in Spain,like other European country,there is a church every small village and a lot of them are really nice to visit.Black spots moving is not dust but birds of course.Lightroom,Sequence,Final Cut.Enjoy

Church and fog

Old comet instead of C/2011 L4 (Pannstars)

It is almost 10 days that every sunset I go on a hill close to my house to look for comet C/2011 L4 but always there is a line of clouds in the place where it should be.I was not able to see it neither to take just 1 single picture.So looking at my files I found this old picture of comet 73P taken in 2006 with my wonderful Takahashi Epsilon250 in New Mexico at comet was moving very fast close to M57 nebula in Lyra.Exposure were short in 3 filters RGB.3x30s each filter.Hope that next days I will have the chance to see C/2011 L4 from here,Catalunya.Enjoy.


Golden fog and Zeppelin

Another time lapse excersise.Yes,I know,same landscape but…it is just out of the door ­čÖé

A really warm morning here in Catalunya with fog with an incredible golden color.In the frame here that black spot on the upper left is not dust neither a Zeppelin,it is just a bird with closed wings catched by the camera.Other small birds will fly around.Canon G9,451 frames,Lightroom,Final Cut.Enjoy

Sun fog and Zeppelin

Simple night sky

This is just a test picture I did few nights ago to test something.It shows how simple is to get some nice night shots with a normal equipment.The sky had Moon,some light pollution,was not so late so the sky was not totally dark and average visual magnitude was aroun 5-5.5.Just a camera (Canon 1DSMKII) a lens (Canon 16-35 2.8 @16mm/3.2) a tripod and 20s exposure at 640iso.No darkframes,nothing.Just a quick post production in Photoshop.Surrounding landscape was nothing,just out of the door.moon at the center and Orion lower left.Enjoy and…try something better!

Moon and stars

House,stars & light pollution

Another night sky time lapse from Catalunya.Oriented to north so we have circumpolar constellations,Polaris is more or less upper left,light pollution from towns far away,tiny clouds coming (not very lucky) and fully illuminated house,just for the clip!.
Canon 1dsMKII,Canon 16mm,20s at 640iso,20s interval,95 shots,Adobe Lightroom,and Final Cut.Enjoy


Fast sun & fast clouds

A time lapse sunrise done with a Canon G9 with the zoom at maximum power.This shows that to do time lapse you do not need very special cameras but also a normal digital camera or a mobile can work.Contrast and saturation pumped up of course but the sky was anyway blue and clear.Strong wind from the north and a big ship from right to left on the sea.Enjoy


M33 Triangulum galaxy

Here is an image of M33 (NGC598) also known as triangulum galaxy,visible in the constellation of Triangulum with naked eye under very clear and dark skies.It belongs to the local group of galaxies and with it’s 50.000 light years of diameter is the third largest.It has about 40 billion stars and could be a gravitationally companion of the more famous Andromeda Galaxy.This image was taken remotely with my Takahashi Epsilon 250 T5 at┬álocated in New Mexico last autumn.Total exposure time about 4 hours in LRGB filters.


Sunrise Bejing style HDR

This is a true HDR clip,540 images bracketing exposed +/-1 for a total of 540.Manually stacked 3by 3 to have a total of 180 HDR images (long post-production).Here I used a kind of Bejing-doom -post bomb look.There are some artifacts but it is just an experiment on a normal sunrise sequence.Close to the end on the upper right corner you can see a balloon,you see 3 but it is the HDR stack,the balloon was just one.Enjoy


Stars & Fire

Second night sky time lapse attempt.Amazing what a long exposure can show that we cannot see with our eyes.Clear night in Catalunya with some high tiny clouds coming reflecting lights from Girona,like a fire in the bush.More than 700 images,20s with an interval of 15 s,Canon 16mm.Enjoy